Angelina Polewear is Dutch pole- and aerial-wear brand, new, and standing out for it’s high quality products.
The fabrics and shapes are stated by a long proces of testing.

That’s par example why all items have a high quality lining, which means there are always 2 layers of fabric to make it fit perfectly and veil possible perspiration.

The founder of the brand, Ramona (Angelina Poledance):

‘I started making polewear just for myself because I had a hard time finding something that fitted and looked the way I wanted.
Together with my mother, who also practices poledance, I created a new design.
Because fellow poledancers wanted the same shorts (and later tops and more), I started to make items for them as well.
After a while, I had so many ‘orders’ that I couldn’t keep up, so I had to find another way to produce them.
I finally found a company who could live up to my expectations and even made a few improvements, and after a few prototypes I had my Angelina Polewear shorts.
Now I’ve expanded my collection with the high (turtle)neck tops, and I’m working on backwarmers and competition shorts, so more is coming!